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Slovenia is a small European pearl to be discovered, nestled between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Karst. It is no coincidence that it is considered the green lung of Europe, it houses one of the largest biodiversities in the world and is the first country in the world to have been declared a green destination according to the standards of the Green Destinations organization. Beautiful golf courses distributed throughout the national territory which are relatively short of each other allowing for short transfers.


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Flanders is a picturesque Belgian region located north of Brussels, this area of Belgium so romantic and full of history. Numerous canals pass through the center of the small urban centers of Flanders which maintain their medieval appearance in excellent condition, while the delicious scent of chocolate and fries spreads in the air, the two specialties of the area. Long and relaxing walks allow you to better visit the main towns of the area, while a capillary boat service guarantees, in times of need, a little rest associated with an alternative vision of the main buildings and historic centers.


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One of the smallest regions in Italy but rich in history, traditions, tourism, cuisine and folklore. Let’s talk about Basilicata which in its small way truly enchants enchanted landscapes that make this reason a favorite destination for holidays, both in winter and in summer because the tourist offer is truly varied. In a very short time, in fact, it is possible to move from the peaks of the Pollino National Park to the white beaches and the turquoise sea of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coast; and then again, for those who are passionate about history, a great variety of castles, churches, theaters and ancient buildings. And finally, but not least, the pride of this region, the European capital of culture, Matera that you really can’t miss. Add to this an excellent Golf Course 10 minutes from the crystal clear sea. What else?


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Often overlooked by tourists compared to other more famous regions, such as Tuscany, Abruzzo is a territory that for natural beauty, history and culture has nothing to send to others, a tourist destination ready to surprise anyone. For those who love nature, in Abruzzo there is no lack of mountain areas (it is necessary to emphasize that the Gran Sasso of Italy is the highest mountain of all the Apennines), as is the sea, the Adriatic, which it bathes 130 km of coast. A vocation, that of contact with nature, which the same region remembers in its coat of arms, divided into three oblique bands of white color (which symbolizes the snowy mountains), green (which symbolizes the fertile hills) and blue (which obviously symbolizes the sea). If nature is the main business card, it is certainly not the only one. Equally fascinating are in fact the numerous small villages perched and perfectly integrated into the landscape, and it is no coincidence that Abruzzo is second in Italy among the regions with more countries reported by the association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. There are three Golf Courses, all perfect for enriching your Golf Experience in this beautiful region.

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