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Lido di Venezia. Beach, art, and glam

Lido di Venezia beach is well known thanks to the Film Festival that takes place here every year. However, this is an island full of many other surprises.

Cinque Terre 5 villages to visit

In the eastern part of the Ligurian Riviera (the Riviera di Levante) lies a place of great charm. 

Not just one place, but five different villages with common features and therefore grouped under one name: the Cinque Terre.

Three reasons to discover Antognolla. A little treasure in the green Umbria

In the heart of Umbria. This reason alone would be enough to arouse your curiosity to discover Antognolla. Between history, nature and sport, this corner of Italy is perfect if you are looking for a moment of peace and an excellent golf course to play on!

Trevi Fountain, architecture and story of a masterpiece

You almost don’t expect to see such a beautiful corner among the Roman buildings. As soon as your eyes meet the magnificence of the Trevi Fountain, it is impossible not to be enchanted. Discover an experience that will show and tell you about the beauties of the capital, including this wonderful masterpiece.

History of golf in Italy, a country rich in surprises

The game of golf in Italy officially began at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with the creation of the first clubs, but in reality the history of golf in Italy goes back much further.

A history that can certainly be defined as recent, but that over the years has seen a continued development, stopped only by exceptional historical events. 

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