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Visiting Crete “at least once in a lifetime” organizing a Golf Holiday is the minimum wage, in the awareness however that once is not enough to see it properly. It is the largest and most populous Greek island, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean and its position and self-sufficiency have shaped its history, culture and proud and independent character. It is an island of Caribbean sea and steep mountains, modern cities and villages forgotten by God and man. It is nature and antiquity, it is the heart of European civilization.


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It is a real gem with an extraordinary climate, typical pastel-colored houses, endless pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters with wonderful lagoons, historic places to visit and the friendliness of the people who are a mixture of colonial history and African culture. Added to this are the golf courses that stretch over the rolling hills and a refined gastronomy that does not disappoint the most demanding palates. Here is a help to organize your Golf Experience in Bermuda

BEST GOLF DESTINATION: Do It Yourself Golf Holidays: Italian Alps, Valle d’Aosta

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Aosta Valley is the Italian region with the highest mountains, from Mont Blanc to Monte Cervino up to Monterosa and many other important peaks. At the foot of these stone giants that exceed 4000 meters, the magnificent “Valle d’Aosta” valleys develop. Splendid valleys where nature reigns supreme and the population lives in harmony with it, enhancing tradition and respect for the territory. Organizing your Golf Experience in Aosta Valley is perfect if you love staying in welcoming mountain-style structures, if you love long hiking and mountain biking but also for yourself looking for absolute well-being. A region especially indicated for sportsmen and fans of pure and wild nature

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