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Corfu, called Kerkyra by the Greeks, is part of the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Islands and is an island that deserves to be discovered a little at a time. In addition to its welcoming cities, at geological level it offers stupendous beaches and magnificent natural places, while, from the historical and cultural point of view, Corfu contains within it Greek and Corinthian, English, Italian and Venetian inspirations, blending them harmoniously, and it is above all for this reason, not surprisingly, which is called “navel of the world”. The beauty of the island has often enchanted and inspired many great artists who have also stayed there, such as Goethe, Sisley and Durrel. Not only sea, if you go to the discovery of the hinterland in fact, you will find a green nature, characterized by impressive olive trees that from the slopes reach the coasts. Ready to organize your next Golf Experience?