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In the north of fascinating Portugal, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Porto is located, the second most important, largest and most touristy city, just after the capital Lisbon. In Porto you can admire colorful neighborhoods and buildings rich in azulejos, the classic ornaments typical of Portuguese architecture. In addition, this wonderful city boasts a good cuisine based on fresh fish, and is famous for the production of Port wine, a liqueur wine known all over the world. And Golf? You are never wrong when you organize your Golf Holiday in this country !!


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If you are thinking of organizing your next golf vacation in Portugal, it is worth taking a long break on the beautiful island of the Atlantic which, rightly, is also called the “floating garden”. The archipelago to which it belongs is made up of 8 islands, Madeira and Porto Santo are the only two inhabited. The island of Madeira enjoys a mild climate all year round. In this archipelago where it is always spring, the autumn season is perhaps the best time to visit it: the months of October and November are also much less crowded than the high season and in the city and on the beaches you will not find crowds of tourists of the summer season. Three golf courses to report, two on the larger island and one, splendid scenery, on the island of Porto Santo.


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The Azores archipelago is located off the coast of Portugal, of which it is part, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, just a two-hour flight from Lisbon. The nine islands that make up the Azores are not very popular with mass tourism, perhaps because they offer tourism for the few, made up of multiple paths in the midst of lush vegetation, panoramas to be seen overlooking the cliffs or the volcanic origin of the islands that has made the beaches tinged with many shades of black for the high basalt content, probably resulting unattractive to lovers of sea holidays only. We can call them the Hawaii of Europe. In such a particular context 3 absolutely unique Golf Courses are inserted.

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